I recently came across this photo…

We feel like it’s an accurate description of our move preparations! Moving is not for wimps! Here is a humorous list of some of our scattered ducks:

  • We’re moving to a camp at the beginning of a summer that they have no campers.
  • We listed our house for sale during the original stay-at-home order.
  • We were trying to finish downsizing when neither garage sales nor donation centers were allowed.
  • For our new house, we have three addresses but no house key.
  • We are moving from a zip code with NO mail delivery to a zip code WITH mail delivery. Which will seem curious if you know Fairview.
  • We have had 17 showings, 6 offers, 2 contracts, 1 backup offer, and now finally we are moving ahead into appraisal, inspection, and Lord willing, closing!
  • Last time we moved, at the time of the move, we had a refrigerator but no kitchen, this time we will have a full kitchen and no refrigerator.
  • We have a furniture delivery that is somewhere between Columbus, OH and Grand Rapids, MI that was ordered at New Year’s…
  • …because of that, despite the fact that we have bought 6 dressers and sold 6 dressers, we are still short 1 dresser.
  • In the two weeks before the move we will have been to Ohio, Fenton, Fairview, Troy, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing and maybe Hillsdale. (And remember…stay at home order)

One week from today the truck pulls out and heads north, hopefully full of our carefully lined up ducks.

Rachel, for the Bennetts