There are multiple ways to partner with us in our ministry.  First, please pray for us.  Your prayers are vital to the work before us.  Second, please consider giving.  Financial support will allow us to serve full-time in the ministry of Camp Barakel.  Third, volunteer your time.  Whether it is for a weekend, a week of summer camp, or in some other way, we would love to work alongside you!

Prayer Giving

Please pray with us and for us that:

  • The Lord would continue to guide us in our desire to serve Him and that we would be discerning of His will.
  • The Lord would prepare our family for the upcoming changes associated with this calling
  • The Lord would continue to add to the number of people praying for us in this ministry work
  • That the Lord would provide us with the financial support necessary to serve Him in full-time ministry work

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 Camp Barakel is a non-profit organization that does not use camper registration fees to pay its staff.  We need to raise financial support to allow us to serve in this ministry.  We are trusting that the Lord will provide churches, families, and individuals that are willing to give to the Lord by supporting us financially.

Ways To Give

  • Recurring gifts (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)
  • One-time gifts

If you wish to use Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT):

Download and print this EFT form (Download PDF), then complete and mail to:
Camp Barakel
PO Box 159
Fairview, MI 48621
EFT support will start once we have all of our support committed.

If sending a check:

Make checks payable to “Camp Barakel”. Leave the memo line blank, but include a note that designates your gift to “Jim & Rachel Bennett”.

Mail support to:
Camp Barakel
PO Box 159
Fairview, MI 48621

Please don’t send any checks yet while we are in the process of raising support.  Once we have all of our support committed we will let supporters know to start giving.

If you have any questions please let us know.